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Who is eligible for refinance Cash Back?

Anyone refinancing from an external lender to a new settled loan arranged by Horizon Specialist Finance or their broker partners. Owner-occupied or Investment loans with Interest-Only OR Principal & Interest repayments. Minimum loan size is $250,000. The refinance must be settled by 10th November 2020. Maximum Loan to Value Ratio is 80%, (must have at least 20% equity in property.)

What is excluded?

Pre-approvals, Purchases, Construction, Debt Consolidation. Refinances within the same banking group.

When will the Cashback be paid?

The cashback is paid into a nominated account (often with the same bank,) within 60 days of the refinance settlement.

What are the interest rates?

These will vary depending on your requirements and the lender chosen, but cashback home loans are currently starting from a low 2.19%, (correct at 31st May and subject to change without notice.)

What do I do next?

Contact us ASAP here. We can give you a quote of new repayments and of cashback.


Terms and Conditions

In addition to the above;

(i) Current cash back lenders offered are ANZ, Bankwest, Commonwealth, Bank QLD, St George, Virgin Money and Westpac. This is subject to change without notice.

(ii) St George Bank offer one cashback of $2000 per property being refinanced , provided each property has a loan attached of $250,000 or more. Otherwise limit of one cashback per borrower. If application has more than one borrower, limit of one cashback payment jointly applies.

(iii) Applicants will usually be required to open a transaction account with the lender as this is the account the cashback will be credited to.

(iv) Cash back payments will be made separately from the lender and from Horizon Specialist Finance, within 60 days of the refinance settlement into a nominated account.

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